Bank Products

Hey Taxes is proud to team up with EPS Financial, LLC, in order to offer our clients the option to have their taxes done without paying nothing out-of-pocket. For $351, a client can apply for a Refund Transfer that allows them to have their refund sent to their own bank account via direct deposit, printed on a check in our office that they pick up personally, or on the E1 Reloadable Debit Visa card while at the same time allowing for their tax preparation fees to be withheld fromt their refund. For an additiional $10, a client may elect to have their state income tax refund loaded onto the card or printed on a check in our office2.

Additionally, any client who elects to pay with a Refund Transfer may also apply for the e-Advance, which is a no-cost loan that is also paid out of their refund. The maximum loan amount is for $750 and there is no interest charged on this loan. Clients who are approved will be approved for either $750 or $400 that is paid by check in the tax office3.

1. There is a $13.95 fee charged by Drake Software to transmit your bank application. This fee can be waived by having your refund loaded onto the E1 Visa Card.

2. If a client elects to get both refunds on the check or on the E1 Visa card, their tax preparation fees will be deducted from whichever refund is deposited at the bank first

3. Additional steps will be required to complete the advance application by the client after the IRS accepts their income tax declaration.