Refund Double Check

Hey Taxes is proud to announce a new service for our customers. In additiion to preparing your personal income taxes, Hey Taxes now can double-check your already-filed taxes from prior years! This service is currently available for all open tax years: 2012-2014. All prior years are considered "closed" for purposes of filing an amended tax return (or even a regular tax return for that matter) and claiming a refund. Of course if you owe money, nothing is ever truly "closed".

So what is it that we are looking for when we perform a Refund Double-Check? Below is a list of some examples:

Those are just some of the things Hey Taxes is on the look out for in a Refund Double-Check. Anything that could be wrong that if corrected in an amended tax declaration could yield more money. Hey Taxes also understands that not everyone gets a refund. Some people owe. This service is available for those individuals as well (in spite of the name REFUND Double-Check). Maybe you owe, but could have owed less. The net result is the potential to get some of your money back.

In a sense, we are looking for mistakes. If we find any, we will let you know. Although some mistakes may cause you to get a larger refund than you would otherwise be entitled. In such cases, Hey Taxes will let you know that as well, as well as how to correct the mistsake(s).