Hey Taxes Basic Guarantee

Here at Hey Taxes we stand behind our work. If we make a mistake, we will own that mistake. And then we will fix that mistake at no additional charge. In order to fix our mistake, Hey Taxes will do any of the following, if necessary:

The following items are NOT covered by our basic guarantee:

Examples of common mistakes a client can make that could cause them to have to repay part of their refund to a tax authority:

Please understand that Hey Taxes is not here to audit you. We are here to correctly prepare your taxes and get you the best refund you are entitled to2. We can not verify the amounts you report for income and expenses when it comes to self-employment activities and rentals. It is up to our clients to provide us with complete, accurate data for these activities. If a mistake is made with regard to either of these income activities, it is almost guaranteed to be from the client and our basic guarantee would not cover any amounts due back to a tax authority from such mistake.

For anyone who is interested in purchasing an additional guarantee, please check out Protection Plus

  1. In order for Hey Taxes to pay any penalties or interest on our mistake, the client must bring in the letter from the respective tax authority that states the additional amounts owed, and must do so within 30 days of the date on the letter.
  2. Not everyone will get a refund.